What I Know For Sure About Motherhood

Happy Mother's Day

Happy First Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!…. Ok, I know it isn’t Mother’s Day anymore. It was yesterday. I meant to post this yesterday but the day was hectic and it got away from me. This is about what I know for sure so far about motherhood, after one month in.

I know for sure that my days are a bit more unpredictable and busier, especially on days like yesterday with multiple family get togethers. Some days it feels like all I do is feed my baby, burp him, change his diaper, rock him, put him to bed, and do his laundry. It’s amazing how that can fill up my WHOLE day!

I know for sure that everyone has an opinion and think they know it all. I hate to say it but you don’t know it all. I have spent 24/7 of everyday for the last month with this guy and I am pretty sure when he wakes up crying it isn’t because he needs to be burped. Thank you for your opinion but he has a dirty diaper. That’s just one example and I could give you a million more.

I know I should have listened to everyone when they said, “sleep when he sleeps”. I didn’t listen to them for the first few weeks an it caught up with me. I now try to take at least one nap a day when he’s napping. Naps never felt more delicious in my life!

I know for sure that everyone just became more judge mental of me and my parenting. It’s like the second you become a mother, everyone is staring at you with judgment. From calm that crying baby, to what brand diapers I use, to whether or not he sleeps in our room, to not wanting him to have a pacifier are all a few examples.

I know for sure that I don’t feel like a good mother. I feel like I will always second guess myself. But hopefully that will go away over time.

I know for sure that I would do anything for this guy! There are no words to explain the amount of love I have for him. I would give my life for him!

I now know what everyone has been telling me about becoming a parent, specifically a mother, it will change you forever! It will be the most amazing thing you’ve ever done in your life and the hardest but you wouldn’t change it for a second.

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