Four Months Old

Four Months Old

Four Months Old

Our little man, Ayden, is FOUR months old! What happen to our little baby? He has grown so much!

Eats: Still nursing good! No complaints.

Sleeps: Ayden sleeps pretty good. He sleeps usually 12 hours but still wakes once during the night. Usually around 4:30am to nurse. Uses a pacifier and a sound/music machine to help put him to sleep. He is doing better for naps. Still trying to get him to nap for at least two hours.

Activity: Ayden can roll from his tummy to his back! And just learned how to roll from his back to his stomach!

Other: He knows he has two hands now. He can’t get enough of his hands, constantly sucking them! I think he also just noticed he has feet, particularly his right foot. He loves to talk! And loves it when you sing to him. I think he is pretty much growing out of the 0-3 months clothes and is still wearing size 2 diapers. He weighs 15lbs. 1oz. and 24.5 in. And his head is 41.5cm round.

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