Acupuncture to Induce Labor: My Experience

image2I was starting to get worried as I approached my due date. I knew my doctor would let me only go to 41 weeks and then I would need to be medically induced. I had really want to try to do a natural delivery as much as possible, but wanted to go into it with an open mind and not ruling anything out.  I felt like being medically induced would increase my chances of wanting an epidural (because I hear Pitocin is killer and gives you longer harder contracts). But I guess the baby has to come out one way or another.  And from what I have read the once you have reached 41 weeks that there is not any benefit for the baby to stay in there and actually increases the risk of a still birth.

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Baby Ayden

Baby Ayden

At 9:44pm on Friday, April 10th 2015, my life had changed forever. I would say it had just begun. At that very minute I became a mother!  It brings tears of joy to me writing this now, it’s a dream come true…  Our healthy, happy baby boy named Ayden Michael was born.  [Read more…]

My Favorite Pregnancy Apps

pregnancy iPhone appsI thought it might be helpful to share all of the apps that I found useful throughout my pregnancy. These are all apps that I used on my iPhone, so I am not sure if they are available on other phones, but would be worth checking them out. [Read more…]

Free Carseat Canopy!

Carseat Canopy Promocode

FREE! Careseat Canopy with Promo Code: GOODCC1

In preparation for baby number one, I have gotten tons of amazing baby gifts. And I am so grateful for all the generosity of our family and friends. But if you are like me, you never feel quite complete. We ended up taking a few more extra trips to Buy Buy Baby, bought a few more things on and found some other great things we needed online.

One of those things we found online was this amazing car seat canopy at! I fell in love with some of their trendy fabric patterns. And I didn’t realize how soft the inside fabric was until it arrived. But the very best part about it was it was FREE! Who doesn’t love a freebie? Especially this time in your life when all it seems like you do is spend, spend, spend!

Here’s how: go to and use promo code GOODCC1 at checkout.

It is a $49.95 value! Just pay for shipping. What a steal, right? Also, if you are having multiples or just can’t decide between 2 different patterns you can add up to two additional canopies to your order for $10 each.
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