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FREE! Careseat Canopy with Promo Code: GOODCC1

In preparation for baby number one, I have gotten tons of amazing baby gifts. And I am so grateful for all the generosity of our family and friends. But if you are like me, you never feel quite complete. We ended up taking a few more extra trips to Buy Buy Baby, bought a few more things on and found some other great things we needed online.

One of those things we found online was this amazing car seat canopy at! I fell in love with some of their trendy fabric patterns. And I didn’t realize how soft the inside fabric was until it arrived. But the very best part about it was it was FREE! Who doesn’t love a freebie? Especially this time in your life when all it seems like you do is spend, spend, spend!

Here’s how: go to and use promo code GOODCC1 at checkout.

It is a $49.95 value! Just pay for shipping. What a steal, right? Also, if you are having multiples or just can’t decide between 2 different patterns you can add up to two additional canopies to your order for $10 each.

I have not put it to use yet, because our little guy is being stubborn and has not arrived yet. But I knew with him being born in Michigan’s March/April months, that I would need something to protect him from the outside elements. Even though today it hit 70 degrees out there, I know that it wont last and that this car seat canopy will protect our little guys from the cold, the rain and snow (but let’s hope we are done with the snow for now).

One reason why I was in search for a car seat canopy was because of SAFETY. I had originally registered for a BundleMe. Thankfully no one purchased this for us. Because I took a car seat safety class (which I would totally, 100%, recommend taking if it is available to you), and the instructor told us the BundleMes are not safe. Anything that is strapped into the car seat harnes with baby can cause the straps to be loose or at impact baby could easily slide out. Obviously, I am not a safety expert and can just tell you what I was told. But it was enough for me to no longer want such a product like a BundleMe and urged me to search for alternatives. So I was so happy when I did come across this FREE car seat canopy. It was perfect!

So if you do decide to get your free car seat canopy, please leave a comment and let me know how you like it!

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