My Favorite Pregnancy Apps

pregnancy iPhone appsI thought it might be helpful to share all of the apps that I found useful throughout my pregnancy. These are all apps that I used on my iPhone, so I am not sure if they are available on other phones, but would be worth checking them out.


iPeriod – Free

I didn’t use this app during my pregnancy but used up until I got pregnant. I used it to track my period and to see when I was ovulating to help get pregnant. I am not sure how accurate it is on estimating when you are ovulating, but I used it as a general guideline. Also, it is nice to know when your last period was when trying to figure out your due date when you do get pregnant and this app helped with that. This app allows you to keep track of spotting, love connection, weight, exercise, different symptoms like acne, bloating and headaches, moods and fertility things like cervical fluid and temperature.

There is a paid version of this app for $1.99 (iPeriod Ultimate). But I am not sure the difference between the two apps, because I have only ever used the free version (but the paid version is probably ad free, so it might be worth it if you get annoyed by the ads).

Ovia Pregnancy


This app I used a lot during my pregnancy. It tracks where you are at during your pregnancy and updates on your baby’s size. Also, updates you on the development and adds interesting baby and pregnancy articles. I also like the Food and Safety Lookup feature. If I am even not sure on what I can or cannot eat, I check it in this app.   Ovia pregnancy app has definitely been informative and helpful during my pregnancy.


 BabyScope – $3.99

BabyScope allows you to use your phone to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. It also has features to allow you to record it and share with friends and family. The app is recommended for use after 28 weeks but does say some users have reported success early as 19 weeks. I did purchase this app early on in my pregnancy and did try it earlier than the 28 weeks. And even if I didn’t always hear a heartbeat it was nice to just be able to hear my baby.

Target Registry

Target Registry – Free

If you register at Target, I recommend using this app. You can use it to manage your baby registry and even add items to the registry by scanning products in the store. Which is convenient to not have to wait in line at customer service to get a handheld scanner every time you want to add items.


Countdown – Free

This app is pretty simple, it keeps a countdown of any date you wish to enter… a birthday, vacation, big event, due date, etc. Obviously, I used it for my due date. I liked to see the exact number of days I had left in my pregnancy, especially the last month.!!-event-reminders/id424216726?mt=8

Full Term

Full Term – Free

This app helps keep track of your labor contractions. We haven’t used this app much since I haven’t yet gone into labor, yet. But my husband and I both have it on our phones so that when the time does come that we have a way to easily track the contractions. We did a few practice rounds of fake contractions just so we both felt comfortable with the app for when that time does come when we need to use it. And it seems pretty simple and easy to read.


Wunderlist – Free

Ok so this isn’t a pregnancy app, but I use for everything! It’s a great app to keep track of your lists. I use it for my to do lists, grocery list, etc. I am sure once you start using it, you will find a million ways it will come in handy. During my pregnancy, I have a “pregnancy to do list” with everything that I need to do in preparation for the baby. Also, my husband has this app too and we can share lists. I have a list of last minute things that need to be grabbed and packed into our hospital bag just before we leave to the hospital. So for that list I shared it with him so that when it is time to go, he can help grab those things for me.

There are a million pregnancy apps out there, but these just happen to be the ones that I used and found helpful during my pregnancy. I would love to hear about apps that you used during your pregnancy, so please leave a comment below!

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